the only hv (hazard0us_v1rus) wrote,
the only hv


all night i spent my time thinking in my sleep: today, does people spank their child's ass?

imo, i don't believe in spanking, though, that i was a victim of spanking. i have discussed about it with my mom and she kinda getting me pissed off on that issue. i'm not like her, somehow. no way.
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I would spank a child if I felt it was appropriate. I don't think there's any solid reason why that shouldn't happen other than some newer ideas on parenthood and political correctness.

That said, I think spanking ceases to be effective after a certain age, prolly no later than 4 or 5. And when I say spanking, I mean a few quick swats with an open hand...

My parents spanked me a few times but not more. I think that they were perfectly appropriate in doing so...

thanks for some infos. i just wanted to see how people reacted on that since i find it too much, in my opinion. some people thinks spanking is the best way while others aren't.
i don't believe in spanking your child.i don't kno i just don't think its right to hit your child no matter what reason you might have.