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put on the gas mask as you enter the world of the only hv [entries|friends|calendar]
the only hv

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gone to mars [08 Aug 2003|02:41pm]
have anyone seen mars last night?

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cuban is sick [05 Aug 2003|07:08pm]
i suck!

markie: lookie here, i am sucky suckie sucker. wanna a cuban cigar? here goes!

::gagging:: i really loathe that dude!

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stealing a quiz from schnoodle ::oopsies!:: [02 Aug 2003|10:38am]
Rachel - Your real name should be Rachel. People
with the name Rachel are usually very
opinionated, artistic, and love good music. You
are very lucky you got this name. Congrats,
you're cool.

What should your name be?
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::snickering:: hello! i'm rachel. cool.

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hmm [02 Aug 2003|10:33am]
all night i spent my time thinking in my sleep: today, does people spank their child's ass?

imo, i don't believe in spanking, though, that i was a victim of spanking. i have discussed about it with my mom and she kinda getting me pissed off on that issue. i'm not like her, somehow. no way.

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[29 Jul 2003|05:54pm]
i'm bored as hell. so i decided to change my background and some colors. but the design is basically the same. different, huh? i really wish that i can make my own layout like some people did but unfortunately for me, i don't really know how to.

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[29 Jul 2003|03:34pm]

You're Coach Z

The only people you can relate to are the hosts of Sportscenter. Your topics of conversation, though very interesting to you, usually bore and confuse everyone else around you. You're a poser, an arm-chair quarterback, and you're too self involved to ever realize you're a walking stereotype.

Which Homestar Runner Character Am I?

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[29 Jul 2003|03:18pm]
glaucoma caused by tight necktie? hmm... interesting as i just read the article in yahoo!

no glaucoma, no neckties.

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[29 Jul 2003|03:16pm]
Natural wedding
What's Your Wedding Style?

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d'oh! [27 Jul 2003|07:29pm]
i just finished watching the simpsons. still got me laughing. lmfao! especially with homer and his stupidity.

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[27 Jul 2003|11:55am]
i'm too immature, real energetic disser.

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[26 Jul 2003|11:04am]
You're fake nun!!!! You're a fake nun!! You burn in

What kind of nun are you!!!? Omg...
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the last few days... [25 Jul 2003|11:24am]
ah, i have to write the entry all over again because last night it went down on me as i clicked on update journal, grrr! good thing i can still remember what i'm going to write down.

sorry for not updating my journal for few days now. i'm sure that you guys find my journal boring. correct me if i'm wrong.

monday:went to minnepolis about 9 in the morning for my vocational rehabilition appointment. it was basically about college and money and what to do next fall. good thing i'm going to have them support me financially throughout the quarter. whooie. the meeting went quickly, like it lasted about 15 minutes. then off i go to see nicollet mall for myself since no long being here in ol' minnesota because i was out of state most of year last year. many things have been changed, many stores closed down and almost everything has changed in over a decade. i went to school in minneapolis in the early '90s. times went fast.

tuesday:for the second day in a row, off i go to minneapolis to visit my classmate. it was nice to see her again after a year. i'm the one who has changed alot through the year and she just barely changed in some ways. i just found something about her that i didn't like about. she don't like to talk to new people that quickly like i do. that surprised me. i'm used to them because of college. i loved meeting new people. a black guy saw me signing so he'd stopped by and see us and he began to talk and i began to talk, too. that left my classmate alone not talking. just quiet and not looking at our conversation. the guy asked her why she was quiet. she was kinda of rude to him, which was surprising to me. so i began to talk to him instead to keep the conversation alive. he said that he recently moved to minneapolis from chicago and still looking for school to go to. nice nice. then he just asked us some basic questions like how old were we, what were our birthdays, etc. i was more than happy to give him answers to his questions. it was like to getting each other better. my classmate said, why do you want to know? none of your business. that got me pissed off and then the guy left and i decided to leave. i don't know what to do with her, though, but the best way is to leave.

yesterday i just got my three shitloads of laundry done. whew and i'm satisfied as hell. mayde today i'd go to some outlet mall place somewhere along i-94. i don't know.

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[20 Jul 2003|05:04pm]
happy birthday to my childhood friend next door. he's turning 19 today. happy b-day, a.i., too bad you have to work with your dad with enterpreauring whatever it spells. and good luck in college next month and you'll know what i went through last year lol, not really...

ps: everyone who still in high school, don't put your expectations way too high.

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kobe bryant [18 Jul 2003|05:35pm]
this entry is a little bit different than i usually write...

as i heard about kobe. he is charged. wow, now they said there were drugs involved along with adultery. this is getting bigger and bigger every seconds. i have no ideas what is going on with kobe. wait and see what happens on aug. 6 court date. lakers fans, 4 future hall of famers are in doubts right now. make it 3. if bryant will be found guilty.

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[18 Jul 2003|02:47pm]
you're indie!

How can I label you?
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ugh... it... is.... a.... cold..... [17 Jul 2003|04:46am]
i can't go back to sleep. mofo. thanks to cold and irriating throat. i don't know where i did get it from. it began suddenly out of the blue last night. unexpected guest invading my immune system. mayday!

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[16 Jul 2003|05:06pm]
You are...Fuck Off.

What Usage of the Word Fuck are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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[16 Jul 2003|04:54pm]

:: how nintendo are you? ::

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[16 Jul 2003|04:48pm]

*looks at the current world's population* You must have a lot of frustration then.

What pisses you off?

Created by ptocheia

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[16 Jul 2003|02:10pm]
oh man! i woke up a few hours ago with stiffed and sore body. must be from helping my aunt and cousins moving to their new home yesterday. i must carry shitloads of their stuffs, i bet. everything will be not be fitted in the house, oh boy... lots of stuffs. for 5 people, including my cousin's boyfriend whose is living with them.

i hate this stiffing feeling. ouch. but i survived though.

today, i'll probably spend the rest of my afternoon outside soaking in the sun to rest my stiff body. =o)

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